Westfreight Systems Services

Full Load Division

Westfreight Sales

Westfreight Systems offers a variety of equipment to cover truckload movements throughout the United States and Canada.

With a fleet in excess of 100 units, and an experienced and knowledgeable sales and operations team, Westfreight Systems has the ability to move freight in a manner that acknowledges and respects our client's costs and schedule.

Our team focuses on:

  •   Safety and Compliance
  •   Cost effectiveness
  •   Efficient Transport Planning
  •   Risk management

Our Truckload Fleet includes:

  •   Tandem and Tri-Axle Stepdecks
  •   Tandem Axle Flatdecks
  •   Double Drop Trailers
  •   Trombone Trailers.


Rob Steinhauer
Terminal Manager

TFI's Accessibility Plan Canada