Westfreight Systems Services

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)

Westfreight Sales

Our dedicated LTL service has rewarded Westfreight with a major share in the marketplace. Regularly scheduled LTL runs move freight between Texas, Wyoming, Oklahoma and Alberta.

Texas, Wyoming, Oklahoma and Alberta

Dedicated runs in this lane provide the following service:

  •   Tuesday Pick Up / Friday Delivery
  •   Friday Pick Up / Tuesday Delivery

Our LTL Fleet includes:

  •   Flatdecks Equipped with Sidekit
  •   Flatdecks Equipped with Tarps
  •   Curtainside Trailers

Westfreight can accommodate LTL runs to the following:

  •   Eastern Canada
  •   Eastern United States
  •   Alabama
  •   California
  •   Florida
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